7% Car Loan Rate Extended!

7% Car Loan Rate Extended!

St. Michael’s Credit Union is delighted to announce that due to the popular demand our 7% (7.23%APR) Car Loan Rate will continue beyond its initial period of January, February and March! If you're thinking of changing your car then come talk to us today. There are a number of benefits from choosing your credit union for a car loan.



The benefits of getting a credit union car loan include;

  • From day one you own your car!

  • Absolutely no fees or hidden charges.

  • There is no need for large payments like a deposit or a balloon payment at the end.

  • No limits on the mileage you can drive.

  • You aren’t tied to the one car dealership.

  • Interest is charged on the reducing loan balance, so you pay less interest with each repayment!

  • No penalties if you clear your car loan early.

  • If there are any issues or difficulties you can talk to a local friendly member of staff and not an impersonal call centre.

  • Life assurance on your loan at no direct cost to members.

St. Michael’s Credit Union provides loans to you the member for a wide variety of reasons including;

Examples of Loans with your credit union;

You can also get your own estimate with our loans calculator here.

What you need when applying for a loan with St. Michael's Credit Union;

Terms and conditions apply to availing of the car loan rate more details can be found here.

7% Promotional Car Loan Rate