Art Competition Winners 2016

Art Competition Winners 2016

Thanks to all the entrants to this year's Art Competition! The walls at St. Michael's Credit Union is now covered brilliant artwork. Josef Keys chose the finalists and we also have a staff pick. The finalists will be receiving a prize for their artwork and the notification letters are in the post.

All the of this year's competition entries have demonstrated the great imagination that local children have. All of the entrants can currently be seen on our office walls, so be sure to stop by and take a look.

Below are the entrants that have been selected this year;

staff ailbhe chloe rachel dscf4919 dscf4920 dscf4921 dscf4922 dscf4923 Thank You!

We would like to thank all the parents and teachers who helped the artists to submit their work. We look forward to getting their entries again next year!

The Competition

Those that have been selected are the finalists of Stage One: Credit Union Level. The first place entries will then go on to Stage Two: Regional Level (Cork Chapter). We are hoping to have an entrant get to Stage Three: National Level.

The awarding of the prizes will take place next week with further details included in our letter that's in the post.

Further details on the Credit Union Art Competition can be found here; Art Competition.

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