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Education Competition

Back to School Competition

With the back to school time of year fast approaching and the costs involved recently publicised. We decided to hold an Education Voucher Competition to help the winner with these costs. As this time of year can be an extremely expensive for families with a child/ children attending school. Entries to the competition...
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July Sponsorship Presentations

Earlier this month we again had the opportunity to present sponsorship to organisations working tirelessly in the community. Many of the organisations are hosting fundraising golf tournaments in the near future.  Providing sponsorship is one of the ways in which we help support the wider community.

Blackrock Camogie Club

Blackrock Camogie Club are...

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CUSOP Online Banking Service

What is CUSOP?

The board has recently voted in favour of the implementation of CUSOP for St. Michael’s Credit Union. It is an online banking service that provides members with the ability to do electronic credit transfers. It enables direct payments into your credit union account. Also, electronic fund transfers that make it easier to pay...
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Promotion and Sponsorship Update

New Promotion Material

At the beginning of the week, we received new promotion material that better enables us to communicate with our members. Now inside we have new pull-up banners that help show what we provide loans for and outside there is a large banner. Many of you will have already seen the new additions when at the office...
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Latest Sponsorship Presentations

We have had the pleasure of presenting sponsorship cheques on two occasions recently in April and May, to a wide variety of local organisations and individual members of our community. We view this as an opportunity to help support local initiatives doing great work. The sponsorship cheques were presented to recipients at our main office...
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