Computer Classes

Computer Classes

St. Michael's Credit Union is again delighted to be involved in the Age Action computer classes. These classes provide training in computers, smartphones and the Internet for people over 55 in our community.

This Year's Classes


The classes begin this coming Monday (25/09/2017) at our offices. Students from Ursulines will once again be the class tutors. The girls will be imparting their knowledge and understanding of technology to the class participants. Covering a vast amount over the course of the classes including; using Facebook, emails, booking flights, Skype and so much more.

class all set to start

Last Year's Classes

It is a learning experience for the tutors as well who get an experience of leading classes and being the teachers rather than students. For some thinking of pursuing a career in teaching after they finish school, it is their first taste of teaching. The classes also provide an opportunity for younger people to sit down and talk with older members of the community.


St. Michael's Credit Union is here for the community and people of all ages. We'll be keeping members up to date on how the classes are progressing over the coming weeks. If you or someone you know would like a place in the next round of classes you can call; 021 2067399.


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