Computer & Digital Device Class

Computer & Digital Device Class

On Monday the first Age Action Computer and Digital Device Class for over 55s was held at St. Michaels. The beginning of the classes coincided with the start of the Age Action's Positive Ageing Week. It was the first of four classes to be held at St. Michaels over the coming weeks at the same time of 1.45pm.

There was a total of 16 students from Ursulines Convent present to deliver the class. The students delivered a tailored lesson to each individual learner's needs. Each class is structured around what the learners want to learn about. The learners brought along their own laptop, smartphone or iPad, some even brought multiple items!

Students chose their learner partners depending on the device they themselves were most familiar and comfortable with. Learner's had a minimum of one student to guide them through the class. Alongside the one to one teaching, each of the learners received a lesson booklet that they could take home.

Class in full swing

The class in full swing

The Class Underway

Everyone involved was learning, with the girls getting the opportunity to develop their communication skills. While also gaining experience outside the classroom. The learners were finding out more about technology and using the internet. Having the class on a one to one basis is a great way to deliver the lessons. Due to the classes informal approach, it doesn't feel like just sitting in a classroom.

It is a practical type of class because the girls don't just explain how to do something they demonstrate it to the learners. Enabling the girls and learners to build up a repour and creating a better experience. The class began at 1.45pm and was scheduled to finish at 3 but everyone was enjoying it so much that it continued well past then! While leaving the learners were looking forward to the next session with the girls.

While walking around the room you could here the variety of topics being covered.

  • How do I set up a Facebook account?
  • Can you explain how I use Skype?
  • How can I get online on my phone?

This is just a snippet of the questions asked by the learners that the girls were more than capable of answering.

students become teacher

One to one teaching

It was great seeing young members of the local community imparting their tech savvy knowledge on to senior community members. As digital and online services become more prominent it's important that initiatives such as this, are held so that people aren't left behind digitally.

A huge amount of credit has to go to the organisers, volunteers, teachers and of course the girls from Ursulines that make the classes possible. It really is a great initiative and we are looking forward to the next class this coming Monday.

One to one learning

Contact Details

If you would like to find out more you can take a look at the Age Action website; here. You can also get in contact with the Getting Started team on 021 2067399 to sign up or text 087 1956026.

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