Education Competition

Education Competition

Back to School Competition

With the back to school time of year fast approaching and the costs involved recently publicised. We decided to hold an Education Voucher Competition to help the winner with these costs. As this time of year can be an extremely expensive for families with a child/ children attending school. Entries to the competition were through our Facebook page but we also promoted it on our Twitter and Instagram.

The back to school costs can quickly add up and put families under financial strain. We are here to assist our members in such situations. Some of the costs that are involved with having a child/children in school are outlined in the infographic below;

back to school competition

Average costs per child of going back to school.

The back to school time of year costs are something that has been getting more expensive, year on year since 2012. With 31% of families borrowing it is a good idea to keep St. Michaels in mind when looking for a loan. If there is a need to borrow to help cover the back to school costs we are lending, so talk with us. You can get an estimate for your loan on our website through the loan calculator, over the phone or by calling into the office. If you would like more information we have a blog post that looks at the back to school costs in greater detail.

The Winner

The competition prize was worth €100 and it was made up of two €50 vouchers for Easons and High Street Books. Our winner of the competition was Gillian Murphy who has three children heading back to school in September. Gillian stopped by the office to collect the vouchers on Tuesday (09/08/16) and for a quick photo with Roland. Once again we would like to congratulate Gillian on winning the prize! We hope it goes some way to helping with the back to school costs. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more competitions.

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