Final Computer and Device Class

Final Computer and Device Class

The final class of the Age Action computer and device series took place on Monday the 17th of October. A presentation of completion certificates was also held on the day. Our manager Roland was present to make a number of the certificate presentations. There was also a couple of words from Joan O' Leary from Ursuline's Secondary School.


Pierce receiving his certificate.

The Classes

The experience of hosting the classes has been a positive one by all accounts. Throughout the classes, the students from Ursulines were a credit to themselves, their parents and also to their teachers. Participants had nothing but kind and encouraging words about their tutors. Who delivered the classes in an engaging and informative way. Due to the classes not having a rigid structure the tutors were able to tailor each session to the needs of the participants. Making the most of everyone's time in the classes. Each one of the girls enjoyed the sessions with their students and many even expressed a love for the classes! Which is a great testament to how successful the classes have been over the past four weeks. We were delighted to have been involved for the four weeks and would be happy to be part of the initiative again in the future.


Jennifer receiving her certificate.

The Need

As more and more is being done online it is important that there is an opportunity for everyone to feel comfortable with using the internet. These classes provide people with the opportunity to develop their online skills in a relaxed atmosphere. Transition year students and those in that age group have grown up with using the internet and devices. So they're best suited to the deliver the one on one classes. It is not only the participants who are learning, the girls from Ursulines are getting the opportunity to develop their communication skills. For those thinking of a career in teaching it would have been many of their first times getting practical experience. St. Michael's Credit Union is also developing our online facilities with the updated online system coming early this month.

The Other Benefits


Declan during the presentation.

It is also important on a community level with many of those involved getting to interact with people they otherwise might not have, due to the age differences. A lasting impression has been made on each person involved with the Age Action initiative. The classes, nature created a more social interaction rather than the traditional class setting. Which allowed for an informal and more beneficial learning experience for those involved.

Future Classes

Further classes are set to be held in the local area in the near future. The next series of classes are set to be held at Blackrock Hurling Club starting on November 14th. For further information on the classes please head to the Age Action website; here or contact the Getting Started Team on 021 2067399 or text 087 1956026 to sign up.


Michael and Dolores receiving their cert.

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