GR8 Savers Week 8th-14th May 2017

GR8 Savers Week 8th-14th May 2017

St. Michael's Credit Union is urging parents to take advantage of GR8 Savers Week 2017 to talk with their children about the value of money and the importance of saving for the future. GR8 Savers Week is the annual youth savings initiative run by the Irish League of Credit Unions. It takes place in Credit Unions throughout the country from the 8th-14th of May.

Children's Savings

On average, children are now receiving over €200 in pocket money annually. With 75% of parents opting to give their children a regular allowance. With these financial arrangements now becoming the norm. There is great potential to educate children about the value of money. St. Michael's Credit Union together with parents and teachers from the local community can play a big role in this. Throughout GR8 Savers Week, St. Michael's Credit Union will host a variety of great events and will have some fantastic tips for parents, as well as some great goodies for junior savers.

What Roland Had To Say

Commenting on GR8 Savers week, Roland Haussmann Manager of St. Michael's Credit Union said "It is vital that we educate the younger members of our community about the benefits of investing in their own futures. this comes with sound financial planning and responsible money management. these skills can be nurtured by developing a regular savings habit as a child and this is what GR8 Savers Week is all about. Children are never too young to learn about the value of money and the younger a child develops a healthy attitude to money management the better. When money skills are learned at an early stage, it is likely they will stay with you for life."

With financial experts saying that this generation's children get much more in terms of money and possessions than previous generations, it has never been more important to teach children about where money comes from. this is necessary so in the future, they can adjust to being financially independent.

Roland continued: "St. Michael's Credit Union wants to help local parents give their children a solid financial education from a young age. Every parent and child in our community are welcome to call into our credit union throughout the week. St. Michael's Credit Union is a not for profit organisation offering fair and affordable financial services locally. Our friendly staff is always available to talk to new and existing members about our savings and lending services."


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