Home Improvements Loan

Is it time to invest in your nest? Making home improvements can help increase the value of your home, while also making your house a more enjoyable place to live. As you know, your home is never completely finished because there is always something else that has to be done. Whatever improvements you have in mind we’re here to help make them happen!

Some of the most common home improvements are;

• Upgrading or remodelling the kitchen
• Building on an extension to provide some extra room
• A new coat of paint for inside or outside
• Putting down new floors
• Converting the attic space
• Upgrades to existing plumbing or electrical
• Making changes to our garden or getting a new shed
• Replacement of a roof or windows
• Remodelling the bathroom
• Making your home energy efficient

Your credit union can make all of these improvements happen! St. Michaels can help whether you want to take on several small projects or make major changes, we can customise a loan to finance your renovation plans.


The Benefits of a Credit Union Loan

• Peace of mind with protection insurance
• Lump sum payments
• Clear loan early without penalty
• No hidden charges.
• Fast and quick decisions

Supporting Documentation

It is our aim to provide an efficient and professional service to members and to ensure a speedy application process. If you need support documentation we encourage members to have it ready at the application stage. Call the office at 0021 435 7771 or email on info@stmichaelscu.ie for the details of the documents required.