Recent Sponsorship

Recent Sponsorship

On Monday St. Michael's Credit Union presented sponsorship to Cork Mental Health Foundation and Housing Association and Carmel Collins. Sean made the presentation of the cheques on the day.

Cork Mental Health

The aims of the organisation are to promote positive mental health in Cork. They also set out to support people with mental health issues through a variety of initiatives. Another goal of Cork Mental Health is to develop understanding and awareness of mental illness amongst people.

The Foundation part of the organisation provides numerous educational projects which you can get more information their Education section of their website. They also give presentations, as requested, to community, voluntary and statutory groups in the area of mental health promotion.

Cork Mental Health

Sean making the sponsorship presentation to Brendan.

The Housing Association part of the organisation supports people with mental illnesses through building and managing Social Housing Projects in Cork City & County. Currently, they have 32 properties supporting over 110 residents. You can get more detail on our housing projects in the housing section of our website.

Most of the work done by the organisation is done on a voluntary basis, which makes support like ours very important to continue their fantastic work. If you would like to find out more about Cork Mental Health head to their website; here.

Carmel Collins

Carmel is an open water endurance swimmer who recently swam the Northern Channel crossing in 15 hours and 58 minutes! This is a fantastic achievement and is a distance greater than the English Channel.

Northern  Channel Crossing

Swim route.

The water temperature during the almost 16-hour swim was very cold and this is an aspect that Carmel found very difficult. Carmel's determination to complete the swim pushed her through the freezing temperatures and numerous jelly fish! As the swim took place in a busy shipping lane there was also the need to avoid ships on the open sea.

Stella Line

Carmel avoiding ships.

While chatting with Carmel before the presentation took place, she spoke about one of the highlights being the unexpected chance to swim with whales. At first, they were thought to be dolphins but the members of her support crew identified her swimming companions as whales.

Swimming with whales

Carmel accompanied by whales!

This fantastic photo of the swim shows how close Carmel was to the whales during the swim. Completing this gruelling long distance swim is a fantastic achievement! We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Carmel once again on completing the swim and look forward to hearing about her future adventures!


Sean making the second presentation of the day to Carmel.


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